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Saint Gemma's Catholic Pilgrimages

We don't provide guided tours, we provide guided pilgrimages. A tour's focus is the history of a place. A pilgrimage focuses on the sacredness of a place. These two sometimes intersect, but our Faith is always the focus of St. Gemma's Catholic Pilgrimages. The purpose of a guided pilgrimage is to encounter Christ through His Catholic Church. We encounter Him at the sacred places we journey to, at the tombs of the saints we find there, in the fellow pilgrims we journey with, and in the Vicar of Christ who teaches us about Him. 

Mike & Sue Denz, the owners of the company, or our hand selected guides, go on every pilgrimage and take you to each site.  

We do one thing - Traditional Catholic Pilgrimages - and we do them right.

You are not a slave to a schedule. You are free to participate in as many of our activities as you wish. We sometimes have designated free days, but you can take more if you want to explore on your own or take a day to rest and recoup. 

You do not have to lug you bags from one hotel to the next.  Unless your group requests otherwise, we stay in the same guesthouse the entire pilgrimage.

We walk on our pilgrimages. You don’t see the sights from a bus window. On some days we take a short ride to the area in which we are going to spend the day.  Then we walk the incredible streets of these amazing cities.  This is how every place we visit should be experienced.

You don’t spend a lot of money on an expensive room in which you're not going to spend much time.  You want clean, comfortable simplicity. We stay at a guesthouse run by nuns who strive to supply just that.

It is appropriate for those on pilgrimage to stay with religious sisters. The guesthouse is a holy place. There is a chapel right there with the Eucharist present. The sisters pray for us and by staying with them we are supporting their needs and their apostolic work.

Location, location, location.  We strive to stay at places close to everything. The guesthouse where we stay in Rome is located a 7 minute walk from the Vatican, St. Peter's Basilica, & numerous places to shop & eat.

With us you eat what, when and where you want. You are not asked to pay for scheduled meals. With us, breakfast is conveniently provided, but lunch and dinner are up to you.  Exploring the many incredible places to eat is an experience every pilgrim should have.

A pilgrimage is a spiritual experience.  As such, having a spiritual guide is even more important than a guide to the city itself.  All our pilgrimages have a priest chaplain who is there to pray with us, celebrate Mass every day, hear our confessions and help our pilgrimage to Rome be an encounter with Jesus Christ. 

Our small apostolate has designed pilgrimages that strike the perfect balance of guidance, freedom, simplicity, and faith.  The result is an incredible experience for an incredibly reasonable price.

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