How to Receive a
Free Holy Card
Blessed by Pope Francis
We would like to send you a free holy card which was blessed by the Holy Father, Pope Francis.  

These cards were specially made by us to be blessed by the pope in Rome.  Many of them were also laid before the tomb of the saint whose image they hold, or touched to the saint's first class relic.

Like all blessed items, they should be used prayerfully and with reverence and never thrown away.  If your card becomes warn, damaged or unwanted, the proper way to dispose of your holy card is to burn it.

Blessed items are not magic.  They contain the blessing of Christ's Church, and when used with piety, my help the user be disposed to the graces of God, reception of the sacraments and protection from evil spirits.

To receive a holy card, simply follow these steps...

Write your name and address on a small envelope and place a first class stamp on it.

We can't guarantee we will have the card you would like, however, if you wish to have one of the cards shown on this page, include a note telling us so when you send us your envelope.  If we do not have what you request, we will send you a different holy card.

Put this small envelope into a larger envelope (with your note if you have one) and mail it to:
Catholic Pilgrimages
PO Box 128
Spring Brook, NY 14140

That's all there is to it!

This is the ONLY way we will send out holy cards.  Please do not send us money, or send us your address on a piece of paper, or email us your address, or send us something you want us to have blessed (it will not be returned).  The only way we will send you a holy card is if you send us an envelope with your address and the proper postage on it.

One card per household.

If you live outside the United States, please consult your post office on the proper amount of postage needed for your envelope to be mailed to you from the United States.  

We are not responsible for lost mail or insufficient postage.

We do not copy or keep your address for any purpose.  It is ONLY used to send you your holy card.