Promote a Pilgrimage & you could go for
It's Simple
& Fun!

If you want to promote a pilgrimage to your parish or Catholic group and go for FREE, here's how!

Contact us to let us know you want to promote a pilgrimage to a parish or Catholic group.  We can help you choose an existing pilgrimage that has enough space for your group, or plan dates exclusively for you and create your own pilgrimage.    

We will send you a promotional package so you can promote the pilgrimage to your group.  Included are posters, promotional cards, and an email template.  

Begin to promote the pilgrimage as soon as you can!  Post on Facebook, hang the posters, send out emails and hand out the cards to everyone you think would like to go.  

We do the rest!  We will let you know every time someone registers as part of your group.  

For every 5 people who pay in full and go on the pilgrimage as part of your group, you will receive $500 off a 9 day pilgrimage fee or $600 off a 12 day pilgrimage fee!  (and yes, you count as one of the first 5 people)  

This means you will get 50% off if you get 15 spots filled or go for free if you fill all 30 spots!

Email us at or call 1-855-710-ROME and we'll answer any questions you have!

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