What is a Walking Pilgrimage?
On our pilgrimages we use some public transportation, however, we mostly walk... and at an easy pace.  
Our pilgrims range from teenagers to those over 70 years old. Pilgrims do not need to be athletic.

However, in order to fully participate in all the pilgrimage activities, pilgrims MUST be able to walk on their own, up to a half mile at a time, without stopping or significantly slowing down the rest of the group. This includes steep hills, large stairways and uneven ground. 

The total amount of walking on any given day is one to four miles, with lots of stopping, sitting, resting and eating in-between.

We strongly advise those with foot, knee, back or hip ailments, as well as those who need the use of a cane or a walker, to seriously consider if a walking pilgrimage is right for you.
Questions about the walking?